MTK6575 strong machine – HEDY H711

Today, I want to introduce a Chinese smartphone which is quite good from appearance to hardware and application performance – Hedy H711.

Hedy H711 has listed, the features and hardware of this HEDY smartphone king are very excellent.
The new starting point of HEDY H711 Refreshing smartphone users experience

Judging from the photos, Hedy H711’s front adopts the IPS tempered glass screen, it is recommendable that the phone back adopts the spraypaint to show the characteristics of the texture, the porcelain white lattice-like texture, the effect is very transparent, the surface is very smooth, full of beauty, more high-end and magnificent in workmanship.
In accordance with the relevant parameters and data, this H711 is Hedy’s product with the highest cost-performance and most outstanding performance, this product adopts the integrated body design, the screen size is 4.3 inches, and adopts the IPS material, while ensuring to enhance the brightness and clarity of the screen, it is also more conducive to the protection of the eyes for watching videos and e-books for a long time.

Hedy H711 is powered by the Android system, supporting the smooth multi-touch, the page zooming and sliding screen is smoother. System performance, the touch screen effect is delicate, the manipulation interface is simple and perfect, many software runs smoothly, it is comparable to the user experience of any Chinese smartphone on the market.
Built-in Hedy Computer integration, network applications, entertainment features diversity

In addition to the optimization of the system interface itself, the upgrading of the function and smooth use, Hedy H711 also has a variety of network terminal application functions and entertainment features. Of course, one of the most worth mentioning point is Hedy’s Hedy application platform, which is similar to the Android Market application Download Center, the users can find applications supported by a variety of systems in the platform and download to the phone to use.