Octa-core Umi X3 phone ,with a 13.0MP main camera and 5.5 inch HD screen ,priced at $239.99

Umi X3 is a 5.5 inch large screen smartphone,at present , owing to the popularity of large screen phone,Umi X3 attracts many user’s attention.What’s more,in the design ,Umi X3 is very exquisite and outstanding,not only that,but it also has a ultra-thin body ,this design is very fascinating.Now,it is available for sale on umistores.com.


From its appearance to see, Umi X3 adopts quite simple style,and adds some curved design,in addition, due to using ultra thin metal frame,which makes it have a good touch feeling.

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As for specs, X3 is equipped with MTK6592 octa-core processor,clocked at 1.7GHz,meanwhile, it is powered with 2GB ram and 16GB rom,moreover,it not only has a 5.5 inch large screen , but it also has a FHD resolution of 1920*1080p ,and supports OGS technology.While the most noteworthy is Uni X3 owns dual cameras, one is 8.0mp front camera, the other is 13.0 mp rear camera.More surprisingly ,it provides a built-in of 3150mAh battery ,and runs Android 4.2 OS.




Umi X3 Review: A 5.5 inch 1080P Screen Octa-core NFC Flagship Smartphone

Owing to the success of Umi CROSS, Umi phone had won more and more people’s favor. In the beginning of 2014, Umi phone also brought its’ lastest flagship product—UMI X3, which owns excellent spces and good design. This time, our sponsor androidcart has provided an UMI X3 phone to us, let us make a full review of UMI X3.


UMI X3 Review—Unboxing



1 x Built-in Battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x Charger

1 x User Manual

UMI X3 Review—Design


This is the first time that we make a review of UMI phone, UMI X3 could consider as the best UMI phone. In the front of the phone, there has a 5.5 inch large screen, and above of the screen is the call speaker and the front camera. Besides, below the screen we do find three soft buttons which only visible when being lit up.


Looking at the the sides of UMI X3, we could find it’s quite simple. There only has a Mircro-SIM card slot on the left side, and the Power key /Volume button on the right side. In addition, on the lower/upper sides, we do also find a headphone jack and USB port, the headphone jack had been blocked by a pin, this pin could open the SIM card slot and dust-proof.

新图像1 新图像

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On the rear of UMI X3, we do notice a rear camera、dual flashlights, and below the camera is the UMI Logo. Meanwhile, in the bottom of the phone, we also see the media speaker. Overall, the appearance design of UMI X3 is simple and beautiful.


UMI X3 Review—Display

This time, UMI phone had done a effect on UMI X3’s screen, it adopts a 5.5 inch 1080P FHD IPS screen which uses OGS techology, compared with most smartphones, this specs is rather good, and its’ display quality shows quite good. However, it’s pity that it has no Gorilla Glass protection, you need to be careful for scratches.

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UMI X3 Review—Performance

As a High-end smartphone, UMI X3 adopts the lastest MTK Octa-core processor, it runs 1.7GHz MT6592 Octa-core processor along with 2G RAM/16G ROM. However, UMI X3 does not support Micro SD extended Memory, which means you only limited to 16GB internal storage on the phone, which is rather inconvenience.


During our test, we also make a Antutu score benchmark test of UMI X3, it had reached 25,527 points, which is higher than Galaxy Note2 and Sony Xperia Z. Certainly, UMI X3 could supports large apps and large mobile games.


In addition, we also download several mobile games to experience the performance of UMI X3, when we play the game, the phone runs smooth, and run for some time, its’ body also not quite hot.

UMI X3 Review—Features

  1. NFC function

Nowadays, Mobile Payment has more and more popular in our daily, with NFC function, we could do payment by our mobilephone, meanwhile, we also could exchange datas with other NFC phone.



  1. OTG function

Now, more and more phones had adopted this function, with this function, we could tranfer infromation to other devices.


  1. GPS Testing Plus

In UMI X3 phone, we had found the GPS Testing Plus function,  through this function, we do testing UMI X3′s  GPS function, and find its’ GPS runs quite well, and search many satellites.


Otherwise, The HOME button of UMI X3 also owns breathing light functions, while the screen is on black mode, someone call or send message to you , the HOME button will flashing.

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UMI X3 Review—Battery/Camera

Althought UMI X3 has a slim body, UMI X3 also provided a 3150mAh built-in battery, which could support about 2~3 days standby time. Certainly, for those video/game players, it’s not enough, you may need to prepare a Charging Po.

For its’ camera function, UMI X3 would not let you down. X3 equipped with 8.0MP front/13.0MP rear camera with auto focus. More importantly, UMI X3 adopts dual flashlights, which is rather rare in most smatphones. Now, we had taken some photos by UMI X3:

新图像6 QQ图片11

QQ图片112 新图像5


Overall, UMI X3 is a quite good High-end smartphone, it owns stylish design and excellent specs. However, it also has some weakness, first, UMI X3 has no Gorilla Glass protection; then, X3 could supports SD card extended; third, X3 lacks of 4G LTE supports. If you have interesting in UMI X3, you could visit our sponsor androidcarts.

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2GHz Octa-core Umi X3 real phone pictures had leaked

If you are interested in Umi products, you may know that Umi phone will launch new product, it belongs to X series and named Umi X3, which adopts more advanced crafts and excellent configuration, X3 maybe Umi’s lastest flagship product. recently, there are more real phone photoes of X3 had been spread.


The shape of X3 has a bit similar to Umi CROSS, however, X3 looks more delicate and slim, the thickness is only 7.2mm, also adopts narrow frame design. besids, its’ volume key and power button located on the right side of the body, and its’ buttons are made of metal materials, the dual speakers located on the bottom of the body.

Except delicated workmanship, Umi X3 dual 3G version packs MT6592 Octa-core processor running at 2GHz along with 2G RAM and 64G ROM, adopts 5.5 inch 1080P screen , and 8.0MP/14.0MP dual HD camera. in addition, X3 also icluding 3150mAh battery, NFC/OTG functions, and supports TD-SCDMA+WCDMA dual 3G cards.

More Umi X3 photoes to see:






3G RAM+16 million pixels camera Umi X3 has been revealed

Since MediaTek has released real Octa-core MT6592, more and more Octa
-core products appeared in the internet, but some mobilephone factories
haven’t brought their Octa-core products, such as Umi. now, there is an Umi
octa-core product has been exposed, it named Umi X3, and it adopts 3G
RAM and 16 million pixels camera.


According to the exposed informations, Umi X3 will come with 2GHz Octa-
core processor, and its’ RAM is up to 3GB, this should be the biggest
surprise. besides, it also equipped with 16 million pixels camera, its’ shooting
function is very powerful.


Furthermore, it also has excellent industrial design, it’s said that the thickness
maybe less than 7mm, and the design is very simple, the speaker located in the
bottom of the body, and vaguely found the XIII LOGO in the back of the


According to the known information, Umi X3 has the potential to become the
flagship product, and its’ memory and camera are better than some other Octa
-core products, besides, it’s said that the price of X3 maybe cost $412 USD.